HELP!- different chains????

the chain on my moby is torqued and twisted every which way, so i needed a new one. decided to take one off of my jawa as a quick fix. I noticed when i took them both off and held them up together, that the LINKS are actually slightly bigger in size on the jawa chain. (these are both the drive chians, not the chain for the pedals) I cut the jawa chain to the proper length, and what do ya, its nearly impossible to to turn. obviously, theres more than one type of moped chain out there. Anyone know where i can get the right size? the moped junkyard told me they are all the same.

Re: HELP!- different chains????

Ron Brown /


I don't know wher you are, but Tractor Supply Company is having a sale on chain this week.

Otherwise, go to any motorcycle shop with your old chain. Motorcycle chains come in several sizes, even bicycle chains vary from bike to bike.


Re: HELP!- different chains????

Hi! I'm not sure about the drive chain,but MOTOBECANE used a slightly different scale of measurement for their pedaling starter chain. I bought mine at HANDY BIKES for this reason. BYE!

Re: HELP!- different chains????

Brian Allen /

I own a Peugeot and Puch mopeds and the main drive chains on them look very similar but the pitch ( the length between rollers ) on the Peugeot is slightly longer but not much. I use a 415H chain on the Puch and was forced to clean and relube the Peugeot chain instead of replacing it. I don't know about Motobecane chains but it is French, see if you can't find a lawn and garden dealer and see if they'll order 415H chain for you, they may even have some. If not, look around on the Web for Moped Dealers and get some chain from them. Brian

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