we try to find some people from L.A., who are interested to cooperate for a film project.

It`s a film about a bad working morale, which seems to be like a kind of religion.

While Secways are going to capture the streets, the actors in our film use mopeds. In the main we want to show how to find a way to carry life in our own hands and to be relaxed. It`s a provocation, while the broadcast program is just showing frightened unemployed people or very successfull people who did, what they`re called for.

The Doku-part of the film takes place in many different countries (France, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Africa etc. )

In this context we want to contact many people from different communities. So it`s not just a film, it`s a search in our way of doing something, too.

It would be great, if you contact us. This week there is a film team in USA. They will be in L.A. on sunday, 14th of November. Hope, there`s the time to get in touch and work together.



Antwerpener Str. 14


Re: film-project

Patrick Baltard /

I like this idea. Unfortunately, I'm not in L.A. to help.

Best of luck!

Re: film-project

Thanks for your reply. Maybe you could tell some of your friends about this project, who stay in L.A. this weekend? It really would be great, if an act with members of the moped army could take place.


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