Honda Express Muffler and Carb

Rob Hoehn /

I have two questions about a Honda Express that a friend of mine and I are reviving. I had read on a few posts back that the express tends to get its muffler entirely clogged and won't start at all without it cleared out. We couldn't get ours started so we took it off and they felt kinda heavy. We poured some gas into the intake port and nothing came out the other end. We assumed it is completely clogged. The question is, if it is clogged, what is the best way to clean it out? Will putting it in a campfire (Fred's Manual) be enough to get it all out?

We also went to clean out the carb and found that the throttle cable and choke cables were frozen that go into the carb. We managed to free the throttle slide and got it out. However, the choke assembly would not budge. Any ideas on how to free it? We are going to try to soak it in carb cleaner for a few days.


Re: Honda Express Muffler and Carb

Ron Brown /


Carb cleaner is probably as good as anything to soak it in. Don't forget the wonders of heat/cold cycling to break things loose. Also, keep in mind that slowly and gently is more likely to succeed than using a big hammer.


Re: Honda Express Muffler and Carb

Hi! Guys,be careful when trying to free up those delicate parts. Soak them down with PB Blaster or liquid wrench and walk away for an hour or more before gingerly trying to free up the choke.Sometimes when you break a little thing like that,it is hard to get it replaced cheaply.See ya!

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