Not very patient

I have a few questions regarding maintenance on an NQ50, while I wait for some parts to arrive.

I don't have very much experience with two stroke engines, so I have also ordered a manual for it, but I love to tinker with this stuff. I removed the (what appears to be) transmission cover, and was fairly surprised to find a layer of black stuff (assumably carbon, but I'm not sure) covering just about every surface.

Is This a normal occurance?

A moped is a lot different than a lawn mower, (I expected the piston to be bigger) And I'm not quite sure how maintenance is done on one of these. Any answers or general tips would be greatly appreciated

Re: Not very patient

NQ50, that's the Spree isn't it? I haven't worked on a spree specifically, but...

I opened up the gearbox on my NU50, and everything was covered in that crap too. I'm not too technical here lol, but I'd say it's from a lack of good maintenance. When I opened mine up (it's non-running, I'm fixing it up) it had about 1 oz of oil, and was covered in that. I cleaned it all out of course. What exactly do you want to do? I suppose you've already read or learned or known about checking for compression and spark and such? What parts did you have to get? I'll tell you what I can, and imagine whoever crosses this post next will fill you in on what they know.

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It is indeed a spree

I had to buy a carb refurb kit because I couldn't find an adjustment screw outside of the whole package. At least I didn't have to get a whole new carburetor.

I'm trying to get the sucker running, it was sold to me after sitting for a few years (Battery still shows charge, so theres hope for it I think) I am familiar with Compression, but I'm not sure how to check for spark on this moped. Doesn't have any magneto or capacitor that I can find, so I gather it's electronic.

I'm beginning to miss lawn mowers; it was pretty easy with those. Blade atached directly to the PTO, spark was easy to check, there was only 2 screws on the carburetor....Ah, the easy life.

I've been working to clean all that stuff out, but I don't think I can get it all. It just doesn't seem healthy to be finding carbon in the complete opposite direction of exhaust flow.

Re: It is indeed a spree

Ron Brown /


This probably is not carbon. If you have an automatic clutch running in the oil it is most likely ground up clutch particles from normal wear.


Re: It is indeed a spree

Chris Robertson /

Hi Chris:

Your Spree ought to have a magneto! Something has to charge the battery and provide enough energy for a spark. Even if it does have electronic ignition (CDI), it still needs a magneto.

Look on either the right or left side of the engine. There should be a flywheel somewhere. The coils and points and (usually) the condenser will be underneath.


Re: It is indeed a Spree

Hey Chris.. for the answers to several of your questions... go back 2 pages or so and read the parts of my "How to fix your Moped" post that apply to you.

And a Spree has an electric start (and no other way to start it... right?)... so you HAVE to have a good battery that will spin the motor pretty good.

Once you get that straight... you check the spark by setting the plug on the head (in the wire) and cranking the electric start.

Spree's don't have a "tranny" so to speak... they have a double pulley belt drive like a snowmobile.

The black stuff you are talking about has me confused...Where is it from (R or L?... inside a cover?.. in the carb?)

Re: It is indeed a Spree

Hey there, I too have an NQ 50 Spree. Fred's post of how to fix your moped has helped me greatly, although my baby quit running on me the other day. Be grateful your battery will charge, they cost upwards of 40 bucks. Good luck on getting her running.

Re: It is indeed a Spree

The black stuff is inside the "transmission," on the opposite side of the bike as the flywheel.

No, there's no pedals to push, but it has a kick start. I've never seen one of these run before so I don't know if it starts with a good kick or a turn of a key or what. I can't do a whole lot of things with it right now, because it doesn't have the carburetor on it. I'm not very competent in that field. Beyond that, the electrical system's screwed (more my area). There's so many loose wires I'm afraid it's gonna shock me. I should be able to work that out myself, though.

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