Denied coverage for injuries while riding?.. Its l

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In one of the last actions before he left office.. former President Clinton approved wording which as of May 8th (a week ago) now allow health insurance companies to deny YOU coverage if you are injured while riding a motorcycle (and presumably a moped)

Congress had specifically intended the wording for this law to KEEP insurance co's from denying coverage... insurance co lawyers got the wording changed at the last minute... and the plan backfired... with the new wording specifically allowing health insurance co's to deny YOU coverage if you are hurt while riding.

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Sent: Wednesday, May 09, 2001 2:54 PM

Subject: Health Insurance Discrimination In Effect RECREATIONISTS AND OTHERS MAY LOSE HEALTH BENEFITS

Lansing, Michigan -- New federal regulations that legalize health-care discrimination against snowmobilers, motorcyclists, horse riders and others involved in recreational activities have taken effect despite concerted efforts by snowmobilers, skiers, motorcyclists, equestrians and others to change the rules, the American Council of Snowmobile Association (ACSA) reports.

The new regulations, which became the law of the land on May 8, are the end result of a rulemaking process that dragged on for nearly five years after Congress passed the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.

The new rules state that an employer cannot refuse health-care coverage to an employee based on participation in legal recreational activities after working hours, but that health-care benefits can be denied for injuries suffered while taking part in those activities.

The rules, issued jointly by the Internal Revenue Service, the Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration, and the Health Care Finance Administration, directly contradict the intent of Congress in passing this law.

In fact, language in the Congressional Record at the time noted that the law "is intended to ensure, among other things, that individuals are not excluded from health-care coverage due to their participation in activities such as motorcycling, snowmobiling, all-terrain vehicle riding, horseback riding, skiing and other similar activities."

Many recreation groups worked hard to get that language included in the Congressional Record after uncovering incidents in which employers were discriminating against recreationists, leaving them without coverage when they were involved in recreational activities.

The new regulations went into effect despite the efforts of many organizations and individuals who took the time to comment on the proposed rules, and to contact members of Congress asking that they urge the new Bush administration to change the discriminatory parts of the regulations.

"These rules make the entire law meaningless," Christine Jourdain, ACSA Executive Director. "They open the door to the elimination of health coverage for all types of legal recreational activities, from snowmobiling to riding a bike to running or walking."

Recreation based organizations are planning to join forces to go back to Congress in hopes of getting a new bill passed reinstating the original intent of the health-insurance bill.

U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson's staff indicated that he didn't feel he had the authority to change the language of the rules, and that he was reluctant to do anything that might interfere with states' rights to determine the benefit coverage in their states.

The rules, only now taking effect, were issued on Jan. 5 in the final days of President Clinton's administration.

In the meantime, Jourdain is urging snowmobilers and all recreationists to check their health-insurance policies to see whether they would receive health-care benefits if they are hurt while participating in legal recreational activities.

Re: Denied coverage for injuries while riding?.. I

....Great info, this should get us looking, the Insuranco Bastards was hard enough to deal with before this come up! Doug D.

Re: Denied coverage for injuries while riding?.. I

Reeperette /

Not like it matters much.

When I was hit in MD, the accident that nearly killed me, I had a hell of a time getting the MANDATORY $2500 PiP Coverage out of Allstate, the other parties insurance company.

PiP - Personal Injury Protection is a MANDATORY payout to both parties of up to $2500 in medical expenses, which my injuries surpassed the first day, even.

In Maryland, PiP does not cover motorcycles, but DOES cover pedestrians and bicycles, which a Moped is considered as in MD.

Allstate just laughed and prettymuch said "Ha, make us pay, if you can", one of the most blatant violations of Law I've ever seen, even from an insurance company..and that's sayin a lot.

The Insurance Commissioner of the State of MD replied to this case with "Oh, we have no intention to pursue the matter at this time".

(Translation, piss off and die.)

Allstate never did pay it, and were left free and clear to break the Law at whim, as most insurance companies are.

Insurance is a racket even now, they take your money...and the first thing they do when you crack up, is hire a battery of lawyers to keep YOU from getting the help you need - and they do it with YOUR money.

What little oversight there is of insurance companies is bought and paid for by them, so this most recent call will make little, if any difference save to legitamize what has been going on already for many a year.



Denied coverage for injuries while riding?..Its th

Yes... But you know I am talking about health insurance, not vehicle insurance.

This is an all new kettle of fish.

So.. you might have an employer who has health insurance coverage for you (which is typically worth around $175 a month)... BUT NOW... if you get injured while riding a motorcycle (or horse, or snowmobile, or moped maybe).... they are no longer required under the 1 week old new law to pay.

They are picking on certain activities whose participants they are guessing won't fight back.

Otherwise they would deny coverage for cancer for people who smoke.

Or deny coverage for various heart disease's (and many others) for people who are overweight.

And others.

Re: Denied coverage for injuries while riding?..It

Reeperette /

Oh Ho !, not fer long....heh.

There's this thing called see.


Re: Denied coverage for injuries while riding?..It

Hi,Fred! THANKS for the `heads up'! Here I thought we were about to start healing up after his regime, but looks like we're still partially buried.I'll check into my health care coverage because I've always considered my health plan to be pretty good.We'll see! THANKS,again!

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