Why I like mopeds

Dincus Dunkus Douglas /

They are fast

i can draw squiggles in the road with them

i like waiting for the engine to hit that perfect sound

i can lock them to a tree

they have been faithful to me

they have almost killed me

i can bend the rules of the road and no one pays any mind

a 25 minute walk is a five minute joy-zip-boop ride

they come with racing stripes

they are small

I really like my moped. And I _really_ like riding it. I really do.

Re: Why I like mopeds

Dangeresque Too? /

moar pro moped stuff like this!

Re: Why I like mopeds

Frog and Toad are Friends.

Re: Why I like mopeds

I like them because it fits in the back of my car.

Re: Why I like mopeds

I'm sorry but these just aren't good reasons. ;)

Re: Why I like mopeds

derek from black pipes moped gang 🌧 /

I like mopeds because they are obsolete.

Re: Why I like mopeds

i like mopeds because they tickle me perfectly allllll ride long

Re: Why I like mopeds

i like riding my moped because:

i can park in the bike rack right out side the front door at work, instead of on the levy with the chumps in cars

i can easily go around people turning left

it sucks way less gas than my jeep

70 year old men ask me where they can get one of "those bikes" when I am at the grocery store

i like the smell of two stroke in the morning

there are very few mopeds where i live and people like to stare and ask questions

it's cute. really cute. i am eagerly awaiting the delivery of my next moped, in about a month

Re: Why I like mopeds

this is the most beautiful thing ever!

Re: Why I like mopeds

Christopher Staggs /

A Moped poem

I wake up in my tent, Hey man! My rim is bent,

Does anyone here have some 50:1 gas,

OMG! My mouth smells of ass,

I can

Re: Why I like mopeds

MaddMatt -Ruffians STL /

I hate mopeds, but I am addicted now so I have no choice!

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