mopeding in the rain?

I know this isn't a safe thing to even consider, but if I ever get stuck out somewhere and the water gods decide to drop on me, can a moped (78 mobylette) be ridden in the rain? Will this totally drown the engine? Thanks-

Re: mopeding in the rain?

Chris Robertson /

Your traction will suck, but your moped will run fine.

Some of my mopeds are actually very good at keeping me dry in the rain --sometimes when traffic forces me through I puddle I'm always surprised at how little I get splashed.

Some of the really hardcore members here ride their mopeds all year round (in snow, windstorms, freezing rain, etc.)


Re: mopeding in the rain?

Ron Brown /

Make sure the spark plug, plug cover, wire ond coil end, if any, are clean. Spraying them with silicone spray after cleaning them is a good idea.

Some air cleaners get waterlogged in the rain, you won't know until you try it.

Some drum brakes get water in them easily and basically quit working alltogether.

Otherwise, you should have no problem.

Remember that in many parts of the world, a moped is everyday transportation, rain or shine.


Re: mopeding in the rain?

I've ridden my tomos in all kinds of stuff, starting back in February. The only thing i've noticed is that you otta go ahead and get some stuff on your visor, be it rain-x or just car wax. And it only gets cold if you go over 30 for a long time...ha ha.

But seriously, like Ron said, the brakes get real "iffy" when they're wet. Cars would do this too but the heat created by the friction tends to dry them off instantly. I've also noticed that the day after it rains whether I ride or not, my brakes scream like a woman giving birth for a few seconds. That brings up a question...anyone know of something i could spray on them to stop that?

The silicon spray on the electronics is also a good idea. You can also use WD-40 if ya got that laying around but it doesn't seem to last as long.

Just get out, get wet, and at worse be ready to pedal / push home. Hmm, sounds like a Nike commercial...where's my damn check?

Good luck,


Re: mopeding in the rain?

Me & my friends are into dirtbiking as well as Mopeding. So we though why let them sit all winter. We took them out (dirtbikes & the Mopeds) & jumped some snow drifts, Yes Jumped snow drifts with an xl 100 Honda, & Yamaha Jog moped, unfortunatly we cracked The frame on the moped, but I welded it. Their still both Running good now.

Re: mopeding in the rain?

Ron Brown /


The screech is caused by a thin layer of rust on the drum. The shoes clean it off quickly and leave a clean, bare metal surface, ready to rust the next time it gets damp.

WD40 will fix it, of course, you're brakes will not work at all! But hey, no solution is perfect.

Or you could try ear plugs.


Re: mopeding in the rain?

i would no longer recommend riding all winter long ... at least not w/o regular cleaning of the salt/ice ... it can wreck your engine (trust me!) ...

but riding in the rain is not a problem. maybe in a huge flash flood ... but then you shouldn't be out anyhow. but regular rain is fine. you'll just get rather wet. but that's never been a big deal for me.

Re: mopeding in the rain?

ha! mopeding in the rain is nothing i take my old moped and ride it in a freigin creek!!! fun! it quits a couple of time but it starts right up. theres no damage to it that i can see. actually i find it runs better after i ride it down there. and the brake thing on my regular tomos it seems to stop really good untill that rust wears off after the rust is gone the braking sucks i probably need new pads.


Re: mopeding in the rain?

Hi I was test riding my `ped after wheel bearing replacement today, and I got caught in high winds and a downpour.Normally I put up an umbrella(a small one) and slow down,but the storm had me wanting out of there fast.My son's house was only 3mi. away so I gave it all it had and pulled in just as the downpour worsened.It was one of those storms where it looked like nighttime but was only 3:30 P.M.. Anyway,the one thing that is nice on a `ped is a mudflap behind the front tire.My moped used to drown out until I replaced the old spark plug wire with a new one which covers almost all the plug's ceramic. I'm gonna install that mudflap!

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