Buying a moped - what to look for

Morgan Patterson /

Hi everyone,

I've never had a moped before, but am going to look at one tommorow. Any tips as to what to look for (I'm relatively mechanically inclined, so I think I should be able to figure out if the thing runs decently, but I'm looking for tips on little things that I might not think of (is there anything that people out there wish that they had checked before they purchased their 'peds?))? Thanks


Re: Buying a moped - what to look for

Hi! Take a look at it where it was sitting and note any oil or gas leaks it may have had.Also,never buy a moped or any thing with an engine without a proper test drive of at least 30 minutes or so.Sometimes things run o.k. when cold but have all sorts of problems show up when they get to running temp. and speed.Note the tires for wear and check how many miles are on the speedometer and if it's working.Don't pay much for a `ped with over 4500 mi. or so on it unless it's been gone thru with rebuilds on the motor and tranny or maybe it's had light use on fairly flat land.Hills are tough on any motor and tranny.Remember,if the speedometer doesn't work or has been replaced,you're totally dependant on the seller's truthfulness or their memory.The last thing I would say is to take a close look at the front forks and tower area because these can be expensive to fix.Check the brakes before you ride anything. BYE!

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