Suzuki Fa50 Transmission oil

I want to change the transmission oil in my Suzuki fa50 and I can't find anything that I feel I can trust at my local store.

so, I found this oil, Would this be a smart purchase.

Re: Suzuki Fa50 Transmission oil

The manual calls for 20w/40. In my experience with my FA50 over the last 4-5 years I've found it really doesn't matter what you use so long as you don't overfill it. During the winter however try to use a light oil or it will take a bit to kickstart because the oil thickens up due to the cold.

Re: Suzuki Fa50 Transmission oil

i ran 5w30 all the way to 20 w 40 it all works. the 10w 40 was some rando junk car oil.

Re: Suzuki Fa50 Transmission oil

Well thanks for the advice sounds like a yes to this purchase, I'm trying to change all of the fluids and stuff in this thing because i just bought it and i can tell is wasn't taken care of

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