Puch electrical question

How many electrical coils does a stock Puch have and what do they do?

There seems to be at least two.

I get confused with the 6 wires running from the stator.

One coil seems to have grey and yellow leads, grey to the tail lamp and yellow to the head lamp.

Another coil seems to supply power to the ignition, the brake lights and the horn?

Am I correct? Are there additional coils on the plate?

Thanks in advance for an explanation.

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Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

diagram attached


Re: Puch electrical question

I have seen and studied the diagram. Are there four seperate coils? Two on top and two below? Am I misreading the diagram?

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-Brian- The Ruffians STL /

Yep, One is for ignition, three are for lights. The small ones are your tail/brake lights.

Re: Puch electrical question

one is brake

one is headlight

one is tail

one is ignition.

brake and ignition need to be grounded

Re: Puch electrical question

if you want to simplify your wiring i highly recommend this

Re: Puch electrical question

The treats 12v coils is an interesting option. How does it's use simplify the overall wiring of the Puch moped?

Re: Puch electrical question

it turns the two bottom coils into one coil. and instead of 6v it pumps out 12v. the only way it would simplify your wiring would be if you removed the top/top coil, which runs brakelights and ground. then you'd only have 3 wires coming out of the engine instead of 5/6.

Re: Puch electrical question

Shouldn't this have been in the repair section?

Re: Puch electrical question

It was not a question about a moped repair. The question was meant generate a discussion about the operation of the Puch electrical system. This seemed to fit within the genera discussion section.

Re: Puch electrical question

"the only way it would simplify your wiring would be if you removed the top/top coil, which runs brakelights"

yep that's exactly what i did. treats coil has two outputs - i connected yellow to headlight and green to brake/tail light

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