How do I find a moped in my area?

My name is Becky, am 36 yrs old and would like to upgrade to a moped.

Am riding my bicycle back and forth to work right now, but, would appreciate help in finding a moped.

With gas prices like they are today, it would be nice to ride in on a moped instead of my bicycle. After working 8 hours or more, it would be great to sit on it, pedal a couple of times and off I go.

If there is anyone out there who might help me, it really great.

Because I had a moped once, but, had to sell it to my cousin. Back tire kept getting flat.

But, it was a great vehicle to drive. And the best part is one does not need a special license to drive one.

Please help me find a moped because when I ride my bicycle to work approxiamately 10-12 miles away from my home, I am tired when I get to work and have to be on my feet between 8-12 hours a day and do not feel like riding home after working a shift.

If this sounds like a desparate act, then so be it.

I do not know of where else to turn and I figured maybe someone will read this and maybe email with the information that I need.

Hope to hear from someone soon.

Becky Kobi

Re: How do I find a moped in my area?

Well not having any clue what type of area you're in... Keep your eyes open, if you see one ride by, hollar at the guy. Go ask around at motorcycle shops. Ask at bicycle shops. Make sure to ask at fleamarkets. If you or someone you know is an alright mechanic, check the junkyards. Most likely, depending on where you are of course, you may end up having to simply order one from somewhere. I'd recommend if you do that, look on at the sell listings, or search ebay for mopeds.

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Re: How do I find a moped in my area?

stonnerdog /

another idea is to place a ad in the wanted section of ur towns paper or other type of news publication, and as all ways ask all the peope u can about mopeds let every one u know and are firends w/ under stand how badly u want one and have them talk and help u look too cos after u get one and thay ride it thell want one too.


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Re: How do I find a moped in my area?

I agree, Tell anyone who will listen that you are looking for a moped. Me and 2 friends now have 9 peds and only paid $100 TOTAL. the rest were given to us.All run but one for parts. This was in central Wisconsin, not exactly moped country. Keep looking and asking around.


Re: How do I find a moped in my area?

Ron Brown /


All of these ideas are good, especially the one about approximately where you are.

I am sure that many of the poeple who frequent this site either have a ped they would be willing to sell or are offered peds from time to time. Minimally, you may find someone to look at a "for sale" ped with you and give you advice.


Re: How do I find a moped in my area?

We can't really help you if we don't know where you are, tell us where you live and I'll help you find a ped.

Re: How do I find a moped in my area?


try these websites, and search for "moped"

good luck


Re: How do I find a moped in my area?

The motercycle shops are really good places to check if you are interested in doing a little work on them. or if your trying to find replacement parts for your current ped. a lot of times they have a pile of different mopeds hidden in the back somewhere.

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