desperate for moped.

Ok I had a moped, it was that damned kinetic TFR. I got it assembled and tooled around on it but it got on my nerves. It had a few problems here and there and I didn't like the looked of it. I sent it back. Now I'm hard up for a moped. I want something under $700. I'm looking for a used tomos targa lx. I want something with the kinetic body style or a scooter and I need to get some form of indepedence. I need this moped by no later than the 30th. I've got things to do and I'm desperate. Please look around. I need something good with fuel, cheap, nice looking, and fast. Thanks for listening. ~Ben

Re: desperate for moped.

Hi! Go to and select Moped Classifieds. I've bought 2 `peds off this site. They'll have something and plenty to choose from 700.00 or so. BYE!

Re: desperate for moped.

check ebay. also, just ask around. you'll be surprised how many mopeds are in basements, garages, barns, even in fields (one was found just lying in a field). they were very popular in the 70s. so there are many around, just hidden away. seek and you shall find.

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