Moped Stolen

Kyle Witten /

Again I want to thank all of you for helping me with some great ideas for fixing my ped's headlight, but I am afraid it was for naught. Less then a week after getting it fixed [the scrapes on my hand havn't even finished healing yet], some @#$@ cut the lock off the ped and stole it from the college campus I work at. I am hoping to find it, but it is almost 40 hours now with no leads.


Re: Moped Stolen

jess_monster /

Good luck man, I know the kind of $hit i'd be feeling if my ped was stolen. I hope you get the kid and teach him a violent lesson. Just make sure he's 18. Once again good luck.

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Chris Robertson /

I had one of my mopeds stolen last summer. I spent two weeks wandering around the neighborhood trying to find it. Finally, as a last resort, I put up posters with a picture of it offering a $100 reward for information leading to its recovery. The tips started coming in within hours. I eventually got in touch with a guy that knew the kids that stole it --they had tried to sell it to him.

After a bit of foot work, I managed to catch the punks riding it around one night and got it back. It was worth the hundred bucks.

If you are determined enough, you <b>will</b> get your moped back. There's no other reason to steal a moped other than for joy riding, so you'll catch someone riding it around sooner or later.


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Good Luck man, I really hope you get it back, especially since it was an old tomos, i love those things. But like Chris said, you will most likely find someone riding it around, get some friends together and go hunting for your ped!!! Read the story about the stolen motobecane on this site, i think it's in the articles section. Well, good luck.

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I hope you find the little bastard and teach him (or them) a lesson with the jagged end of your broken U lock! Sometimes driving around in the bad areas of town will yield results. Good luck. I know I'd be out for blood if someone made the mistake of stealing my moped.

Re: Moped Stolen

Reeperette /

REPOST (Older Post pasted here)

Hereya go folks, gadgets to make sure your ped stays YOURS.

No Reccommendation.

Bunch of sneaky Brits, but good at it, this is more complex stuff.

Model # TT7K is a personal Fav, $40.00 worth of real security.

Page three also has a handy thing fer keepin hands OFF yer 'ped.

I use Model # Charge1K myself, but it's a bit, umm..extreme for campus use.

Alarms are prettymuch ignored in this day and age of car alarms, tracking devices are much handier, most moped thieves don't go far....and as for preventing vandalism one of those zappers does a nice job of keeping hands off.

(Pity the doggie that lifted a leg on my ped a couple nights ago, but then, that's why they have leash laws..)

You shouldn't use common chain, it's just too easy to bust, I reccommend heavy aircraft or elevator cable (home depot has it !) and a pin-across lock, which looks like this.





But on-campus the most effective defense of yer wheels is an "example" or two of what happens to folks who mess with your moped...a little of that will go a long way.


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