where do people get V1 parts??

alright so ive looked around, not super hard, just at the main places. ebay has a ton of those clutches that are a billion dollars, treats has polinis, and 77 has a bunch of stuff i dont care about.

are there any shops that actually have new cranks/clutches/etc in stock for the V1? i feel like these things are starting to get more popular and the stuff should start popping up more, but im not finding shit new. is there a good source for this stuff or is it a luck of the draw/buying used type situation?

i probably jut need to dig deeper but if anybody can give me some guidance id love to invest in a new crank, clutch that doesnt cost my entire paycheck etc...

i finally opened up my V1 tonight with a 15:15 SHA and a puch proma GP, one of the bigger stock cylinders, matched to the intake, no porting yet, stock everything else, 11:44 gearing...took my top speed from ~27-29 straight to 37-38 and now im DEFINITELY hooked, but my low end could be improved. im falling completely in love with the V1...dont even wanna look at another E50 at this point.

Re: where do people get V1 parts??

Yea .. there my clutches..

The clutch is the weak sauce of the bike..

50cc and a clutch .. might beable to blast a 80cc..

Never know.. tuned correctly.

Let me know if you need anything for the v1. I will most likely have it or know where to get it.

Re: where do people get V1 parts??


best crank is a .. crank that is rebalanced .. with a IRA racing 18k bearings..

Get a new rod from italy..

Re: where do people get V1 parts??

thats what i was thinking. all three of my V1s have bushing conrods, not a roller bearing in sight.

when i have more cash and some serious time to devote to this engine i'll get in touch with you ed, people say youre THE guy for minarellis. those clutches are fucking gorgeous by the way. but i need to focus on everything else before i take the leap.

Re: where do people get V1 parts??

Handybikes has tons of nos stuff. Ed has all the expensive aftermarket stuff and tons of people have shit in their basements they dont know about. Once you fix the clutch, put a polini on it, have fun and dont worry about it being reliable. Or got big and spend lots of cash. I've recently gotten into the kickstarts, which I find much cooler.

Re: where do people get V1 parts??

handybikes for days

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