Honda express headlight fix

I read some months back where someone discribed how to install a replacement bulb in the sealed beam headlamp of a Honda express scooter. If the author is still out there or someone printed it out, I'd like to see it again. The sealed beam is $39.00 and I hate to pay that, but in NY the headlight has to be working. Ken

Re: Honda express headlight fix

I found this online maybe it will help...

You can rebuild the headlight using a ceramic socket and 20 watt tungsten 12v lamp.. available at your local lighing have to unsolder the base of the burned out lamp..then break the lamp.. NOT THE HEADLIGHT GLASS.install new lamp in socket, epoxy socket into base of headlight ( lamp # JC 12v 20watt by O'Claria or equivelent) get the matching CERAMIC socket with metal mounting brackets ( make's it easier to hold in place while the epoxy set's up [ you can also use a hacksaw blade to carefully cut off the base of the old bulb, remove the rubber boot, cut off the wires at the terminal YOU WILL NEED THEM , use the blade to cut just below the crimp line , then using a long nail or skinny punch, break the lamp/bulb and shake out the glass] then continue with the epoxy job.after everything has harden you can solder on the wires,,you will have only 1 filament so only 1 selection ..I usually hook it to the blue wire for high beam..this gives you off & on..

Re: Honda express headlight fix

This works for me and it's cheap. Go to auto parts store or hardware store and get auto stop/tail light socket, uses two filament bulb. Get a #1154 6 volt bulb for it. Cut wires off Express sealed beam and save them to use latter. Break out ceramic bulb base on Express sealed beam. I used saber saw to cut hole just big enough for bulb to fit through. Secure socket to sealed beam reflector however you can depending on socket design, some are screw on, mine was spring loaded fit. Now solder wires back to new wires and you have head lite. Not great for night driving ,but works, and you just change bulb if it burns out.


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