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got a honda express that wont even pop witha starting fluis in it. Got a big spark, set the points today, plenty of compression, and i pulled the exhaust, and even with fluid, it wont fire once. i know from experience, that you dont need a carb or anything to make it fire with starting fluid. any suggestions? o, is there any other way to start it other than that silly spring loaded starter?

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This may not help, but all I can think of right now is this:

How did you check for spark? There may be some way the spark is prematurely jumping before it hits the end of the plug. When you check for compression, it gives a nice proper dry pop? There are ports in most engines that help to lubricate everything and somehow the problem could lie there, because if the starting fluid isn't getting to where the piston pushes it to pressurize the chamber, then that might very well be it. I'm not sure which way you're doing the whole starting fluid thing, so I may not be any help at all. I've asked MopedCam if he has any clue, and he also mentioned you might try what we call "cracking it out". Basically, pull the plug out, take a cigarette lighter (if you fear for the safety of your fingers, a barbecue pit lighter) and ignite it at the plug hole. If the fluid has been getting into there, you should get a nice pop, or at LEAST a small flame from the hole. Hope I helped at least a little!

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With the exhaust off, if the engine does not fire, you just have a pump, your starting fluid shoud be coming straight out of the exhaust.

If this is the case, try a new plug, or at least close up the gap a lot. Often, a plug will spark in clear air but will not in compressed mixture.

If you have a way to do it, check the timing.


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Hi,Tim! When I used to troubleshoot small engines for myself,and I had trouble getting that initial blast-off, I would either use a low-speed 1/2 " drill with a 1/4 " drive extension chucked into it with the proper sized socket to fit the crank bolt to turn the engine repetitively(only in the right direction of course),OR I'd get a short belt(# 3 or smaller) and wrap it over the pulley or into the drive pulley and use the drill's chuck as the other pulley.Just watch out for left-hand(opposite threaded)nuts or bolts! If you do this, MAKE SURE to remove the spark plug and squirt a little light oil( MARVEL MYSTERY OIL works great) into the cylinder before powering up the drill.Only use a loose fitting socket for this(usually an old one). That way the socket will release when and if the motor fires up.Be careful and don't get your hands in the way! Make sure you're getting fuel and spark before you try this. Hope this helps as it has helped me many times to keep from wearing out my legs or arms. BYE!

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