air leak?

puch pinto with 16.16 dellorto shorty intake.

when I start the moped it idles fine. when I go to ride it it is very slow is that because it is running rich? after sitting on the stand it will idle for a while then I give it gas and it bogs down and dies. right now it won't stay running for more then like 2 seconds but after I let it sit for awhile it will do all this over again.


Re: air leak?

have is runnin g if you can. spray carb cleaner around seals gaskets if it dies there is where leak is.

Re: air leak?

I had the same problem with my ped, and im a newbie. Everytime i pulled the throttle it would slow down and die out. Would run if i did't pull the throttle to much, but i'd be slowing down traffic. I was on a side street anyway road testing the bike. Anyway I check the fuel line and there was small particles in the fuel line. So i replaced the fuel line, and put on an in-line filter and runs like a champ now. Im still gonna clean the tank out over the winter. And replace petcock. But its runs good for now. Hope this helps.

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