1977 Motobecane 40T value?

Hey everyone,

I'm thinking of selling my 1977 Motobecane 40T, but am not sure what it's worth. It's in good running condition and has recently been repainted and professionally serviced.

I was told by the mechanic he wouldn't sell it for less than $900 and I should be able to get more than that for it. Just thought I get others' opinions before listing.

Will post pics when I get a chance.

Also, if you're interested or looking to buy a 40T, let me know!


Re: 1977 Motobecane 40T value?

You're looking at anywhere between $300 and $500 depending on condition, paint quality, upgrades, etc.

It sounds like this is a $400ish moped.

Re: 1977 Motobecane 40T value?

Professionally serviced by who?

What was done?

Half of the people on this website could do a much better and faster job getting a moped to run than a motorcycle mechanic, so the words "professionally serviced" mean very little around here. An opinion of value from a "professional mechanic" means even less

This is not the place to get a high price quote. Nobody here is willing to pay much for a stock moped. Maybe in Santa Monica you can find a Starlet to rip off, but I say $400 is a more realistic value throughout most of the country.

Re: 1977 Motobecane 40T value?

Repainting a moped can lower the value. Most people like the stock paint even if it is shitty. Powder Coating a frame on the other hand is more like the stock coating.

Definatly not worth $900. Look in the Buy/Sell forum and get an average price for what others are selling a stock moby for. Since you have a 40T it is a cool frame, but most of the people on here would sawp out the motor on it.

Running stock in TN, MS, AR area is $250 max.

Re: 1977 Motobecane 40T value?

Thanks guys. I really had/have no idea what it's worth, I was just going off what I was told.

At this point, I'd be happy to break even and sell it for about $450 if possible.

Re: 1977 Motobecane 40T value?

pics please!

Re: 1977 Motobecane 40T value?

if it has a long seat, i want it.

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