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High torque stuff did come on maxis. It should be fine to mix and match the numbers. We are having a moped rally in Providence soon. You should come if you have a running bike. Also we meet every tuesday at julians on broadway around 8:00. You should come hang out. We can probably answer some of your moped questions.

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I did a full teardown & rebuild over the summer, she's running... but poorly. idles strong, bogs down and dies under full throttle, thick white exhaust. It's the cleanest 20 mph moped on the block though! ;-) wanna put on one of these bigger cylinders on, then kit it out this winter.

Heard about the rally, but not tuesday night @ julians. I work right on federal hill! 10-15 min walk to julian's... I'll be there! :O)

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Or a 2 minute moped ride!

"Rally thread is here!":https://www.mopedarmy.com/forums/discuss/1/901694/901694/ Please come! And hope you'll show up next Tuesday!

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