honda pa-50 II idling issues

hi there,

i just got this moped, it's an '83. everything seems great except for when i stop at a light or stop sign. the engine just seems to die on me. it starts up again fine with one pedal. i find if i keep giving it a bit of gas when i'm stopped, it doesn't stall, but i'm worried this would be bad for the moped.

it also doesn't stall when the choke is on, but i don't want to leave the choke on all the time.

any ideas as how to fix this? thanks.


Re: honda pa-50 II idling issues

Chris Robertson /

You need to increase your idle speed:

1. Take the plastic floor covers off.

2. You will see the carburetor on top, towards the rear of the compartment you just opened. Consult the attachment for an idea of what it looks like (note that the carb in the diagram is rotated on its side).

3. Warm up the engine --go for a 10 minute ride.

4. Tighten the <i>stop screw</i> (see diagram) a few turns. The stop screw will be accessible from the right side of your moped.

5. With the engine running on the stand, slowly loosen the <i>stop screw</i> until the rear wheel no longer spins (stop the wheel from time to time with the rear brake to check). You want the engine running fast enough that it won't die, but slow enough that the rear wheel won't turn at idle.

If you cannot get the rear wheel to stop turning without the engine dying let us know.

Good luck!



Re: honda pa-50 II idling issues

Your carb is dirty inside.

Anytime a bike runs with the choke on ... but won't run with the choke off.. thats what it is.

I will repost my "Fix your Ped" guide above in a second.. Read in there about how to clean the carb.

The problem with cleaning a PA50 carb is getting the carb out(big pain)... the best way is to suspend the frame from an overhead rafter and hoist the stand just a little off the ground... then remove the bottom R shock mount bolts... and the large "through frame" bolt under the footboards... then the throttle cable at the carb... then hoist the frame a little more... and swing it out of the way.

....There is the carb...... (I find it best to leave the reed block attached (so just take out the 4 screws on the motor)

Chris and Fred

thanks you so much for the info. I'll try playing with the screws this weekend and if that doesn't work, i guess i'll have to clean the carb.


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