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I just bought a 1975 Cimatti City Bike, and I need any information I can get. If you have any, just e-mail me @ PontiacMan4life@aol.com. Thanks.

Re: 1975 Cimatti City Bike

Cimatti made a nice moped. Check out this site for some info:

<A HREF="http://www.msfaq.com/personal/cimatti/">http://www.msfaq.com/personal/cimatti/</A>;

But your moped should have a Minarelli V1 engine. It's a pretty easy engine to work on and parts are pretty accessible. I don't own a Cimatti myself, but I know some people who do.

Re: 1975 Cimatti City Bike


I have the same moped. I downloaded the specs at:


It's mostly Minarelli engine/carburator specs, per se, not the bike itself,

but might come in handy for you. I will trade my moped for a GTO!

Good Luck

Re: 1975 Cimatti City Bike

I have had mixed success with my 78 cimatti city bike. Most of my problems have been fouled spark plugs and not running as fast as i know it can. I need some pointers on why the plug fouls so often, what the proper fuel/oil mixture is, and how to clean the carberator and put in a fuel filter.



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