targas 2001 tomos moped

i just got a new moped and i heard u could put a stereo on a moped

does anyone know how to and if u do where can i buy the stereo for the moped?

if u do know please email me at my email adress.

Re: targas 2001 tomos moped

Chris Robertson /

Duct tape and chain a small, battery-operated radio to your ped.

You can also use a walkman, but it is probably illegal to do so wherever it is that you live.


Re: targas 2001 tomos moped

mike hartel /

I had a 200 watt amp 2 6by9 kenwoods on an 83 urban express

Re: targas 2001 tomos moped

Wayne Broderick /

Hey-- I'm the guy who does this-- You need to build it yourself, but I can help.

Here's photos at:


It's the kind of thing you will need to maintain, so you should build it yourself.

email me or post a reply.



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