kickstart vs. pedal start questions

Christian /

I'm looking at a Tomos moped (probally new) to use as transportation to keep miles off my car and for fun. I have seen that the model I'm looking at (the Targa) comes in either kick start or pedal start. What are the benefits of each system? Also, I would modify the moped to get higher top speed to keep up with traffic, and I heard that the pedal starts respond better to modifications? Is their any truth to this? I'm really ignorant to the whole moped world, so please help me out. thanks. Christian

Re: kickstart vs. pedal start questions

no actually the kick start are better in terems of top speed becasue they dont have to turrn as many things as pedal start but with the pedal version you can pedal home if you run out of gas. the choice is yours


Re: kickstart vs. pedal start questions

XBrandon EdgeX /

I don't know about the state you live in, but some states require a working pedal system to be classified as a moped, which makes it exempt from a lot of licensing and insuring requirements of automobiles and motorcycles. In South Dakota (where I live), if it follows all of the guidelines of the moped laws (which includes the working pedal system) then it doesn't need to be licensed, insured, or registered and is still street legal. Check your local laws and see if it applies in your area.

XBrandon EdgeX

Re: kickstart vs. pedal start questions

On my friends 2000(maybe a 1999) targa he has pedals and u use the pedals as a kickstart instead of pedaling forward. I think this would be the way to go since u have the pedals to help home when you run out of gas or something.

Re: kickstart vs. pedal start questions

I have an Avanti Autopower, with pedal start. In New York State, where I live it doesn't matter if it has pedals or not to be classed as a moped, in fact my Honda express scooter is classed as a moped.

As I have said before, if I were to do it over I would have gone for the Avanti Kobra with kick start. I like the idea of having foot pegs or boards that are always in the same place when I put my feet down instead of having to find the pedals, which can be in any postion. I also find the pedal start a little bit awkward. Of course there are others who feel just the opposite, it's a personal thing.

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