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hi, i have a 1992 tomos targa. i recently drilled out an old manifold and carburetor i had lying around. i still have a #56 jet in it and it bogs a little bit at low end. but then at the top end it four strokes. i have no idea what i should go to a bigger or smaller. i think i should go bigger casue this jet wouldnt bog with the old carb. but it would four stoke a little bit. so which is it bigger or smaller. and how big should i go? like 58 or 60? i have a del' orto carb. there is no air filter in it cause when i put it in all it does is bogs. oh and the bike wont idle very well ether. i would really like an answer better than put the other carb back on becasue i get a huge acceleratoin increse which i really wanted. the bike throws me back when i step on the gas. thanks for your help


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oh and i have points and condensor electronics and i bought new pionts and a new condensor. i moved the timing plate to the all the way advanced position. could this be the reason the bikes is popping? the piston and cylinder are comletely fine all very smooth. and the pipe is very tight i have 2 gaskets in there to make that dumb bi-turbo seal. well answers please

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Chris Robertson /

Yes, bad timing can cause your ped to misfire, backfire, and "pop". Try retarding your timing a bit.


Re: tomos jets

thanks anyone else have any sugestions

Re: tomos jets

Hi! Get some kind of air filter back on there,because a little grit goes a long way to the ruination of a fine engine! BYE!

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hey man you might want to get a little smaller jet and a little bigger jet i would say sizes 54 and 58 and see if eaither of those help and if one does go a little lower or a little higher and experiment till you get the perfect speed/acceleration you want

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