Peugeot 103 worth it?

Scottee doesn't know. /

guy wants 500 for a 1980 103... has 500miles thats all i know... worth it? yes, no, maybe so?

Re: Peugeot 103 worth it?

This comes up a lot and even I have been guilty of asking whether a moped is "worth" the money or not. You have to take into consideration things like your area, what other mopeds are selling for around you, condition of the bike, after market parts, ect, ect. What it really boils down to is how much you are looking to spend on a moped and how much you like that specific one. If you don't like how it looks don't even go for it (unless you can turn around and sell it for a quick buck, if you're into that kind of thing).

I personally know nothing about pugs but I can tell you that a 30+ year old bike in mint or close to mint condition can get 500 in Michigan, I've seen it happen.. If you still insist on getting advice from people here try being more specific with the description of the bike and tell us what you want to do with it. Keep it stock or get it ripping? Stuff like that will get you better responses on this forum.

Re: Peugeot 103 worth it?

i love my 103. very quick if your interested in keeping it stock. id say if its in minty condition, its worth it.

Re: Peugeot 103 worth it?

103s are cheap and easy to make fast, if it's in good condition that's an excellent price.

Re: Peugeot 103 worth it?

It depends, is it very clean? (inside of fuel tank) Complete? Titled? If so I would say it is worth it, always try and talk them down a bit. Oh and obviously in running order. Not ran last year or last week, but runs and rides and holds an idle in front of you.

Re: Peugeot 103 worth it?

it depends on the area, i'm here in milwaukee and i think i know the bike(s) you're looking at

wisconsin is a buyers market, tons of bikes around and very few buyers, 500 in wisconsin can buy you a tuned-up mint condition maxi (there was one on CL for 450 a couple weeks ago) or a lot of other nice bikes. I saw a white cobra go for 500 last spring, same bike a guy in chicago thought was worth 1500... so yeah it depends.

puegeots are nice bikes, they are french so they can have a bit steeper learning curve and they take a bit more work to get fast, but they have a ton of potential.

if its the 103's i'm thinking of, those are great bikes... i wouldn't spend a dime over 300 on them, but they look really exceptional and have a lot of rare-to-the-us parts like the mags, long seats, black engine covers... etc.

look up us cranks in milwaukee once you get riding, if there is any other help you need getting into mopeds feel free to email me.

Re: Peugeot 103 worth it?

if its running maybe...running and title...YES!

Re: Peugeot 103 worth it?

Scottee doesn't know. /

Mobyman i think you know what im looking at. i want a ripper.

I want something i can learn and upgrade. I have a respect for clean minimalistic bikes like some magnums and so on. i am on the fence about picking one of these up.

Re: Peugeot 103 worth it?

personally i think the guy is asking a king's ransom and he was a real dick on the phone when i called, but the bikes are really amazing. tempting me and eating away at my nervous, impulsive reptillian moped brain.

if you want to get started hacking and tuning you're probably way better off with a puch or tomos, puegeots can be very frustrating to bust your chops on. they are kindof all-or-nothing, the 'nothing' is a solid 30-35mph with great torque, and the 'all' is 60+ mph, rip your arms off, 1000's of dollars and crazy parts that break a lot and dont like getting wet. The big killer is the pipe, there are no good middle-of-the road 50cc pipes like 'tecno boss' or 'proma gp' for puch, so you are forced to get something huge/expensive at which point you are kinda forced into kitting, at which point you need a case with a 3rd transfer or a bigger reed block, so you need a spring, then a new variator, then a CDI... so on and so forth.

i'm working on a 103 for my girlfriend right now, on my blog i'll have more info up as soon as i finish dialing it in, but it has been a real headache (compared to say, a puch) and i'm a pretty adept mechanic type dude.

I've seen a lot of puchs come up on craigslist lately, a really nice maxi 2 speed, running titled for 450, tuned up by a buddy of mine. A light blue w/ brown seat newport with a hi-torque E-50 not running but in very good shape, and a disassembled free spirit that has been floating around for awhile. I can patch you into the network here and give you more info if interested.

come up and ride with us sometime, every wednesday night, fuel cafe 818 e. center st, around 8 pm.

madison crew is coming in tomorrow night to hang and ride.

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Re: Peugeot 103 worth it?

Scottee doesn't know. /

YA the freespirit guy wouldnt answer anything i went as far as finding him on myspace and facebook to shoot him messages. Nothing.

I went out to his place yesterday to pick one up. and He left before i got there and said "oh well, maybe tomorrow?" kinda bull shit for him to make 500 bones!

I apprieciate your advise, you seem sincere and not trying to talk me out of buying one of these for your own gain.

Im not a seasoned moped enthusiast but aspiring.

I'm going to pass on this offer. watch to see if he lowers. but keep eyes open.

I'd appreciate any info you wanna flow my way.

Ill see what i can do about your guy's meet tomorrow.

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