i got a new ped today

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i got a new ped a bianchi avanti sport, i have no idea what year model tho i cant find no where on the bike that says, i need to know where a good parts distribuater is for this bike cos i ant never seen a moped like this one before, its a sweet little moped all tho to me i would call it more of a motorized bicycle than a acuall ped, it was a steal at a 100. this little ped is in really nice shape and suprisingly all it apprenty needs is new tires and tubes, a little carb cleaning, and a plug. i should hopefully have it running this coming pay day (maby).

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Re: i got a new ped today

what? a bianchi? send me pics. i don't know of a "bianchi avanti sport" ... that's so rad. i have a 1977 bianchi snark eagle (snark was the company that made them in the use under a bianchi license, eagle is the model). send/post some pics so i can see if it looks like mine.

where did you get it? what kind of engine does it have? mine has a minarelli, but i know a guy that has a bianchi snark "bianchimatic" model w/ a morini engine (stamped w/ "bianchi" on the engine itself). go figure.

but mine doesn't look at all like a bicycle (neither does the bianchimatic). so you might have something totally different. does it have a garelli engine? the new avanti mopeds use a garelli engine ... it'd be so crazy if three different bianchi mopeds all had different engines.

Re: i got a new ped today

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first i have seen pics of bianchi's you mentioned ther really nice bikes but this avanti sport dosent look any thing like a snark or a bianchimatic, it litterly looks more like a bicycle than a ped it has a little 24cc engion directly under the seat that you engage to touch the back wheel w/ this one sprocket that turns. the ped is a little wierd cos its neather a belt or chaine driven ped but a sprocket/gear one. Im working on getting a pic of it and the other peds we in the thundercats have.

i did get the avanti running today took 6 hrs and 32 dollars but, hey i ant complaing i mean 132 for a nice condention classic ped, for the engion size i wa sreally surprised buy its power it dosent take too long to get acclerated and i would guess it prolly has a top speed of about 22-25. i acully found the ped cos wynns mom was being really stubbern to stop buy this one fle market type place.

swarming and distroying on a new ped


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