Heck of a Time

Yeh i am having a reall problem with my puch tranny.Ok if youve ever seen the maxi one-speed engine you know you have a clutch thing to turnon the outside of the cover.Next you open the left side up take it off and see a "pin that press in to engage the gear. ON the piece you took off is a shaft attached to that clutch thing.That is a cylinder cut in half that turns to push the pin in.My pin keeps fallin out and and cant place the clutch knob thing right so I can turn get it in gear and let it off.Is the pin going to fall out or do i need a new one with a small washer on the other side

Thanks for your time and attention to this post

Re: Heck of a Time

most people here have no idea whyat a clutch thing is. i suggest you go and get a manual for your bike to better help you wiht your problem

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