How exactly do your bore out a Carburature? Just drill the hole bigger, and get a bigger end to your throttle cable. Sorry guys I dont know what im talking about here with this please help.

Re: Carbs.

i wouldn't recommend boring out anything unles you know EXACTLY what you're doing. i certainly don't. it's probably just as expensive (if not cheaper and safer) to just get another (bigger?) carburetor.

what part of the carb are you talking about (specifically)? what kind of carburetor? for that moped/engine? why do you need to bore it out?

Re: Carbs.

I was just reading off another post & I was just curious. He said he Bored his carb to 14mm if I remember right.

Re: Carbs.

yeah that was me. just take a drill and carefully drill ou the back of it and the front if that is small too

Re: Carbs.

This would be with a Bing carb on a Puch moped? and we are talking about the air intake and the part that hook up to the manifold, right?

Has it given you a noticeable increase in performance?

Wonder if that kind of shenanigans would work on a Delorto carb???


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