tomos performance

What can i do to make this thing (tomos bullit tt) go faster without buying a carb,muf,or pistion kit? I just bought a spark plug. I need to know the gap spacing.

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SteelToad /

If you don't want to buy a carb, muffler, or kit, then you probably don't want to buy

a new sprocket either, but that is the cheapest thing you can do to get some

speed, although you will sacrifice acceleration for top end. The biTurbo is the

best way to go for a quick speed add-on.

Re: tomos performance

Reeperette /

Spark plug gap is .050 on that.

As for one extremely minor increase that's free, and a favorite of mine...

Pull the exhuast baffle.

Unscrew that little screw at the rear of the exhaust pipe and pull the baffle...not only does the damn thing tend to gunk up quickly, clogging your exhuast, removing it oft-times results in just a hair more power, tho unless you've ridden for years it's hardly even noticeable.

The best thing about pulling it is the more aggressive exhaust note, heh.

The cheapest Mod, would be the sprocket, 25 for takeoff, 27 for top end....but if you wanna go cheap and stick with only one mod, get the BiTurbo Exhuast.

Hope that helps some,


Re: tomos performance

or do what i did... te a drill and carefully drill down the center of your carb. there should be alot of metal around the opening.... if there isnt dont do the mod. also dont go to far out and make sure you change the carb. jets to go along with the mod.


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