Kinetic moped!?!?!

I just found a kinetic moped for sale in my area but its in rough shape. The dude wants 200 beans for it. most of the turn signals are cracked the head lamp is shot( which is no big deal ill take off the blinkers and put a custon head lamp on it) What im concerned about is the rear. The part where the rear pulley goes is mostly missing and broke. The threaded part that turns the pulley has no threads which are broke off. Is that shaft replaceable? Where can i find prices and parts for this beast? I need some help and advice here... What do all of you think?? Thank ya much!! PAmatt

Re: Kinetic moped!?!?!

You can contact about getting parts for the Kinetic. They are the importers of the Kinetics. You could call them (the number is on their website) and see if that moped is worth fixing.

Re: Kinetic moped!?!?!

Before spending any money on it try to figure out why it's in the shape it's in.

Broken plastic parts are one thing, but the damaged pulley could be the sign of someone not knowing how to work on one attempting repairs. This is bad since you don't know what else thye have screwed up. I', always wary wary of "good deals" from people that admit they don't know a thing about the item.

Jim C.

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