HELP: Cady Stalls out

Could anyone tell me how to fix my clutch on my 1974 Cady? Could you tell me where I could get some pics of how to put the clutch back together? I can get the moped to run fine on the stand but right when I take it off the engine stalls out??? If anyone has any advice please respond...

Re: HELP: Cady Stalls out

Dan! Are you ever going to get that shop manual? You really need one to prevent you from making a bad mistake or wasting time. BYE!

Re: HELP: Cady Stalls out

Hi, yes I have had two shop manuals all along, but the pics of the clutch are really bad.(they are photocopied). I just wanted to know if there was a web site that had clear pics of the cady clutch system. Or if anyone knew how to get the clutch to slip a bit when I try to take it off the stand. And by they way thanks for replying because for some reason not many people have been replying tomy posts.

Re: HELP: Cady Stalls out

Hi,Dan! Did you call B.J. at HANDY BIKES about that problem? They work on a lot of MOTOBECANES and may know something about that clutch or variator. Yeah,I know there's people who have a good idea of the CADY's specifics that just aren't answering.I'm sure they just don't realize how much they could help us.See you later and hope you solve it !!

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