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Okay so i have an A55 2007 tomos targa lx, that had about 3300 miles on it. I also still have the oil injection. I decided to put a biturbo on it, so i upjetted to a 60 jet and put on a high flow air filter. I was performing the first plug chop, and the plug looked fine nice and brown. Then as i was driving back home, my engine started losing power, studdered and went out. When i would try to start it up again, the engine would start up and sound nice, only to exert no power and studder out. Any help would be appreciated as i dont have much experience yet.

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Next time, post under moped repair or performance tuning.

Does it sound like four-stroking (rich), or does it sound like a bog (lean)?

You need to ditch that oil injection and clean the carb.

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i guess if anything its bogging down. but its wierd cause i went up 5 jet sizes. yeah i figured i should ditch the oil injection to be on the safe side, and im gona take apart the engine and carb when i have some more time, i was lookin for some input on some things to watch out for when i take everything apart.

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Raymond Wright IV /

change your idle. theres a screw on the carb, turn it back then forth until you find a happy medium

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Put the stock air filter back on and run a 58 jet.

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^^^ thumbs up!!!

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Thanks guys i changed back my air filter and adjusted my idle and everything is ship shape. i left the jet for now cause im lazy and it doesnt look too rich yet ill watch the plug.

Clean your fuel filters and air filter.

Maybe you got a load of bad gas. Clean your in-tank filter too.

Don't ditch the inector .. just add extra oil to

just add extra oil to the tank in the ratio of extra horsepower you got with your kit. And don't forget, more horsepower requires more cooling power.

Re: Don't ditch the inector .. just add extra oil

Oh i didnt get a kit yet, just an exhaust pipe. And i left the oil injection i take care of it fill it up all the time watch for bubbles, and ill clean my filter after i have a little less gas to drain i got a full tank now thanks.

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