damn tomos

today i got done cleaning and fixing up my 1992 tomos targa. i took it out for a spin and the problem with it popping at high speeds has gotten worse. i just put rings in it that had very little end gap(put the ring in the cylinder and see how close the ends are) and the piston fits farely well and the carb and pipe are on very tight. i have no clue as to what the problem is. i also had the spare time to drill out an old manifold and carb. so i took a 13 mm drill bit and drilled out the 12 mm carb and manifold. i moved the bit all around as to make it bigger. now its at about 14 or so i put these drilled items on it and the acceleration is great. i havent yet tried the top speed but hopefully it will be great also. i need a bigger jet now to compinsate for the more air. should i put some holes in the air box to to make it get more air or no? well answers are greatly apreciated

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Hi! Some air filters have removable plugs.Even if it doesn't,you won't hurt it by drilling a 5/16" hole , BYE!

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Reeperette /

Check yer exhuast...that's yer most likely culprit at this point.


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yeah it seems no matter how tight i make that old bi-turbo it still leaks oil all over the place. now the problem is that at low speeds it bogs out a little bit but then at high speed it four strokes. any one got an answers to that one

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Check the air filter.

Welcome Back Kodder

sorry i just wanted to say that

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there is no air filter in it

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Hi! If you're not getting enough air or your jet's too big it can cause bogging down.Also ,you shouldn't get much oil leakage unless it's running too rich (not enough air) or your oil mixture is wrong.Calculate your oil injection usage per gallon or,if not injected,make sure you're not running heavier than 40:1. BYE! Oh, also slow timing or weak spark can cause this bogging.

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