Registering Mopeds in Texas ?

Ok ,

I think I am about to go on my first adventure with the DMV here in Texas with a moped .

I know where there is a 1978 Benelli G2 that is a one owner and come from an old Schwinn dealer in Dallas that is no longer in business.

The owner got it brand new from there and swears that he did not get a title when he bought it .

This thing has some miles on it so it has definately been ridden.

Has the laws changed over the years ?

The owner told me he has ridden it everywhere and hasn't gotten pulled over.

How does a person go about getting tags on this if it was not issued a title ?

Tell you want , Texas sucks when it comes to registering anything compared to Iowa !

Title,Tags and insurance on a MOPED !


Re: Registering Mopeds in Texas ?

People in Austin swear you need a title to register it. TxDOT has assured me you don't need a title.

They told me that I needed proof of insurance, a safety sticker, and a bill of sale to register it, as well as a driver's license. Apparently that will get you registered.

Let me dig through their emails so I can post what they said in their own words.

I haven't tried it because I'm moving away from Texas in a few months, so I don't know if they were on crazy pills or not.

this apparently

"To register you moped, you must first get a Texas Safety Inspection Sticker and then take the following information to the Travis County Tax Assessor-Collector's Office:

bill of sale from the seller;

vehicle identification number;

proof of insurance;

driver license; and

* the required registration fees.

Please contact the Travis County Tax Office at (512) 854-9473 to inquire about additional filing instructions, the required registration fees and the address of the tax office located nearest to you.

Thank you for your inquiry."


from this person:

Terry Sue Stabeno

Texas Department of Motor Vehicles

VTR Customer Services Representative II

Correspondence Services Branch



They also gave me instruction on how to get a title but told me that: "You will not need it to register your moped. You would only need it if you were wanting a title."

Re: this apparently


I will see what Johnson county has to say since this is the county I live in .

What all does the ped have to have to pass the inspection ?

Re: this apparently

Head light, tail light, the ability to stop within 10 feet while doing 30mph or similar and reflectors (if they originally came on the bike, so don't leave just one on or anything)

I have heard that you both do and don't need a title from various different sources, so I would also print out what Mos said, or try to find the specific law online and take it with you when you're registering it so they don't give you the run around like they did me.

I had to show mine to have it registered, so just be ready with proof that you don't actually need it.

Re: this apparently


you showed them a title or that print off that Mos stated ?

Registering Mopeds in Texas ?

How do I register a new best friend in Texas?

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Glad to see you make an appearance in this video Raz.

Re: Registering Mopeds in Texas ?

Sorry, had to show them my title.

Re: Registering Mopeds in Texas ?

I have to point out, that the moped I was asking them about registering was a 1979 model, and that you don't need a title to register it because Texas didn't issue titles to mopeds in 1979/earlier.

I don't know _when_ Texas began issuing titles for mopeds, but I'm going to assume that if it is new enough to have had a title, it will need to have a title to be registered. So that may be one reason people have had to get titles to get their machines registered.

TxDOT ran my vin number through their system and checked to see if it had ever been titled before, and it hadn't.

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