cady 1975 - loss of fuel

Patrick Coulombe /


i was wondering if someone own a cady moped - cause mine is loosing a lot of fuel (i think) when she run. i suppose i have to replace the part in the image (carb.jpg) also, if you want you can see a small quicktime of the situation.


Re: cady 1975 - loss of fuel

Rob Hoehn /

You may want to check the gasket on the top of the fuel bowl. Both of the Batavus' had that problem and were both missing a gasket there - they are bone dry now.


Re: cady 1975 - loss of fuel

Reeperette /

I can see yer problem right off, yes.

The top plate is bent, missing a screw and yer gasket is probably torn.

Don't take this as gospel, but yannow...I think that's an old Gutrner carb.

And I know just where to get the parts for it, if it is.

Go to

Select MOTOBECANE, and scroll down and have a look at those carbs.

Damn me, but your's seems a dead ringer for model "C" of them.

They also have a page of em part-by-part

So, it looks like you can get the parts and all...I would call them about it.

See how much help postin a pic of the problem can be ?


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