Border to Border: West Coast!

Hello swarm!

So, I'm in the planning stages of a west coast ride from Mexico to Canada this coming spring. I have an '80 Motobecane Le Moped in pretty much stock setup right now, munis the 15/16 Dellorto.

What I'm wondering at this point is if I should venture into upgrading my whole setup before the trip (and potentially risk creating problems down the road...?), or just do a LITTLE tweaking on my "so far trustworthy" stock setup. I'm not tooooo concerned about speed going up the coast, so upgrading for performance isn't the top priority; its reliability I'm after...though a few more mph and low end wouldn't hurt. Currently I top out around 35-40? (havent GPS'ed it).

AND, has anyone done this trip recently, and has the sage advice I'd pay for?

Again, this is a very preliminary gleaning for any advice/opinions.


Re: Border to Border: West Coast!

whether you swap shit out now or not its best if you do to take spare parts,

an extra same cc kit and piston and rings, plugs, tires, read up on shit that usually has a fast wear and tear...but if you take frequent brakes and stops i'm sure you can do it easy...but if you try to stay balls to the wall and ride for hours and hours then your gonna run into shit.

if your true about doing and this isn't wishful thinking...research on here..i've read several stories and checked several blogs of folks who did it and the problems they came into.

Re: Border to Border: West Coast!

Patrick Baltard /

I'm almost 2 months in to my Canada-to-Mexico trip. My best advice would be to plan for the worst, bring adequate tools, dress warm as you get to the bay area, and make as many contacts in towns along your route before you go.

That, and have fun :)

Re: Border to Border: West Coast!

Good call...definitely see having a spare set of MAJOR parts available (whole engine!). My light searching a bit back didn't find much about others' journeys but I'll give a deeper dig. Thanks!

Re: Border to Border: West Coast!

Nice! I have 100 questions for you! No, but really, I'm super interested in your progress and all that...are you keeping a log/blog or anything? What are you riding? I've been concerned about being on 45mph roads/highways and having to shoulder it, and thus maybe getting harassed by the fuzz for it...?

This is a real thing for me, so if you care to share some more info with me I'd be super grateful! I hope its been mostly smooth for ya, cheers!


Re: Border to Border: West Coast!

fuck that.. go on the trip with nothing but a wallet and some condoms.. kinda pointless if your basically bringing an entire store of parts with you.. might as well just bring a spare moped on your back.. wtf

Re: Border to Border: West Coast! have a point. especially about the condoms.

Re: Border to Border: West Coast!

i dont know call me stupid but I would only do this with minimal stuff that will fit in a back pack.. just seems less of a real challenge trucking entire top ends around.. but again its safe..

seems more fun to rough it though.. so maybe no condoms..

Re: Border to Border: West Coast!

Patrick Baltard /

Tryin' to keep a blog, but it's hard to find computers for more than 15min at a time. I'm due for a large update, but is the site. Once I crash at my cousin's place in Temecula, I plan on adding photos.

I'm riding a 2003 Tomos ST. Bone stock 'til I hit San Francisco and got some guidance by treats/mikeb and some of the other Creatures.

In terms of the 45+mph roads and having cars whiz by you...get used to it, fast. It only gets worse when you're in Oregon and Washington :). (Logging trucks, 'nuf said). I was only stopped once by the cops, and that was 1hr into my trip. He said I couldn't drive on the shoulder of 101, but suggested I ride in the lane, then move over to let people pass.

Feel free to email me with some questions. I have to do everything from my phone for the most part, so you may get replies in chunks!

P.s. Definitely bring condoms

Re: Border to Border: West Coast!

Sickass! Sounds like a lot of fun, and you blogs rad. Nice work.

I'll hit ya up email-wise soon...

Funny; I grew up in Fallbrook, which is where my ped is at my G-ma's house, where I'll be prepping for the trip up (dragging it down to the border of course, for a proper start). That'll be Feb/Mar/Apr...sounds like I should first start in sanFran to get schooled by the Creatures, tuned up right!


Re: Border to Border: West Coast!

Patrick Baltard /

It has been a blast thus far.

I'm kinda sad though, I just missed my cousin's yearly Pismo beach trip, where they ride the dunes. It ended the day before I rode through Pismo :(

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