Anyone have a Twingle?

I've got a CB1000c and a CB125s that I got deals on, but I've wanted a Twingle for a bike. Looking at ebay and thinking of buying one, going out and riding it home. Just don't want to get in over my head and stuck on the road 300 miles from home.

On a second note..... Anyone interested in trading theirs for an 83 Honda CB1000 custom? :D

Re: Anyone have a Twingle?

I have a newer square tank one and also an older round tank one. The newer one runs and has tons of torque but their top speed is around 55 mph. The older one is rougher and needs some TLC for sure. I need to order a cable pack for it as the clutch cable is missing. They are fun for just cruising around town but I can't imagine doing a really long ride on one. I plan on getting rid of the older one as soon as it's running.

Re: Anyone have a Twingle?

You are crushing my hopes. I need to be able to interstate ride on one if I get it.

I took my CB125s from one side of Cincinnati to the other and that was a blast. It tops out around 60 but you are absolutely screaming doing that. It wasn't comfortable or smooth, but it was fun and thats whats important.

Re: Anyone have a Twingle?

dude eff an interstate. just take 55mph state highways the whole way. enjoy a classic experience on a classic bike. stop at small towns to eat and rest.

Re: Anyone have a Twingle?

I drove a 1969 Subaru 360 cross country, and found out to my surprise that it was a lot safer to go on the interstate than it was to go on the highways.

1: There's pretty much always a passing lane, so traffic doesn't get crowded behind you, and drivers act less like assholes when they can get around at any point, and you never have to pull over to let traffic pass.

2: There are fewer grades, and the ones that do exist are usually easier than those on highways, so you go faster.

3: The minimum speed on the interstate in most states is 45 or 50mph. On highways it is usually 55.

The Subaru 360 has a cruising speed of 50mph, and top speed just shy of 70... I tried the highways and always got a line of cars behind me at every hill and had to pull over and let people pass. I got pulled over too for it.

After that I stuck to the interstate and didn't have a single problem for the rest of my trip.

Re: Anyone have a Twingle?

The Puch SGS can go pretty spritely on the highways and will clock over 110km/h when pushed and will cruise all day at 100km/h. Hills do not bother them much because of the good torque band but they are not speed champions.

Riding older bikes or driving old cars on highways never a big problem and there are fewer people who will be an asshole to you then if you were cruising at the same slow speed in a more recent vehicle. Still when on two wheels you have to anticipate that you share the road with assholes in cars.

Re: Anyone have a Twingle?


Re: Anyone have a Twingle?

Mhmm, a Twingle wouldn't be suited for interstate use, but I still want an oldy someday... ya got a ball-park figure on what ya might want for your old one, Bry?

Re: Anyone have a Twingle?

I'd need to take it on the interstate as I'd use it as a daily. A 20 minute interstate ride turns into a 50 minute surface road ride.

I've been riding my CB1000 for the past couple of weeks and its a blast. So much power its scary, but its just not "my" kind of bike. I'd rather have a looker than a sprinter.

Maybe one day I'll get a couple buds together and we'll take small bikes on a long trip. Being midwest its hard to ride cross country in a technical sense.

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