1980 Puch Maxi MKII Limited Edition

I just bought one of these and I was wanting to put a tecno boss pipe on it with a delorto 15mm carburetor but was reading on the za50 engine that if you put performance parts on the bike the engine will not run that well. So I was wondeirng what I should do performancewise for the bike. I couldn't really find a whole lot on the za50 for making sure the engine doesn't break down. Thanks for your time.

Re: 1980 Puch Maxi MKII Limited Edition

what? where did you read that?

if you run a stock cylinder with performance parts your engine will run totally fine. if you plan on kitting it or making a lot more power, then it would be advisable to rebuild the engine and most importantly replace the shift pucks as well as get a roller bearing conrod pressed into your stock crank. however with a 15 SHA, tecno boss and a stock cylinder it should be 100% fine. youll love the engine man. go for it and enjoy.

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Thanks for the good news man! I thought the engine was going to be ruined real soon. Going to buy those parts soon, so hopefully i'll be going faster, but so far the engine is awesome. I love the fast low end speed.

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^^^^ cold is right! change that shit before you ride the crap out of and jack up the trans. also if you get that pipe and carb make sure you get the correcting jetting done...research what you need...also you could try redistricting the pipe...theres link on the wiki about it.

Re: 1980 Puch Maxi MKII Limited Edition

Yea za50 will be awesome blaster. I rebuilt mine when I got it because I had to (bad crank). If it were running I would probably just build it up without the rebuild then if it breaks = good time to rebuild.

Re: 1980 Puch Maxi MKII Limited Edition

yeah. this setup will not produce enough power for it to be a major concern. if the engine has been well cared for and ran at least every couple of years it should be totally fine to run with a stock cylinder.

ZA50s are arguably better engines because they are 2-speeds, obviously. the only reason they are known to be more tempermental is because the transmission has to be more complicated, and the shift pucks that take a lot of the force when the engine shifts can dry up and fail. actually if i were you i'd probably just replace the pucks and call it good if you can.

im pretty sure quarterkick stocks the pucks.

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