Show me your moped rack (on your car)

anyone have a rack on their car for hauling mopeds? I'm thinking of building one for my VW beetle, and I need inspiration.

I was thinking of making something like a ramp that goes from the rear bumper up to the roof rack. See attachment (not to scale)

Show me your rack.


Re: Show me your moped rack (on your car)

I've been thinking about making one for my bug. If you get a yakima rack with tall enough towers you can bolt it on anywhere there are gutters.

I was thinking about one of the bumper mounted racks with two hoops, but make a much more substantial bumper that mounts up to one of those trailer hitches that goes all the way under the engine and attaches to the frame horns.

The much cooler option is to find or make a single wheel trailer.

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