kool ped

Re: kool ped

not bad for a motorized bicycle. i wish they gave more spex on the bike, front brakes, etc. if that thing is as fast as it looks, i'd want better than an avid mechanical disk on the back. certainly better than the crap that most people throw together. my biggest concern would be tires.

for the most part, i don't like motorized bikes, and really prefer when they are not referred to as "mopeds". technically, they are, i suppose, but i like to think of this as a safe haven from those who put the term "moped" on things like nopeds, scootere, motorized bikes, and other such things.

that's my 2 cents.

Re: kool ped

^ agreed.

Also, position of the exhaust looks questionable at best...

Re: kool ped

As long as the contraption has a motor and pedals its a moped in my book.

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