'78 Tomos--Bad Headlight Update

Kyle Witten /

I'm still trying to localize the problem with my intermentant failure in the headlight. I have checked and cleaned the ground wire. I also cut off the switch and spliced the wires together so as to make the headlight an "always on" type. That didn't make the problem go away, so I know the switch wasn't bad. One thing I've noticed though is that headlight only dies while on the road [generally while at full throtle]. I've only had it die once while on the kickstand. Any thoughts?


Re: '78 Tomos--Bad Headlight Update

Ron Brown /


Get asmall lamp or cheap tester and splice it into the headlamp circuit next to the alternator. If it goes out with the headlamp, your alternator winding is intermittent. If not, move the splice untill it goes out with the headlamp.


Re: '78 Tomos--Bad Headlight Update

Reeperette /

One trick I've used to replace wiring through the frame, you might find handy - is to find both ends of the wire.

I cut the end closest to the Coil/Regular/Alternator/whatever that damn thing is.

Tie the end of the new wire to the end of the old wire....then slowly pull the old wire through the frame till the new wire comes through, and then pull off and chuck the old wire.

Connect the new wire to your splice (I use auto connectors for this), then go back and cut the OTHER end, and splice that.

That's if the wiring itself is bad, tho.

Did you try using a Voltage tester on it for continuity<sp>? , cause that can tell if you it's just the wire, most of the time.


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