why no pics?

hey, anyone know why when i go to the pics site, no pics load, no error, no nothing, just a frame with nothing in it?

Re: why no pics?

and just to tell you, i might have missed something that explanes it in the web site but i havent been through it all yet

Re: why no pics?

you need to use a most recent browser. what browser and operating system are you using? maybe we ca help you out. simon is out of the country for a while, but dan (his roomate/cousin) can probably help you out. the pics load fine for me.

Re: why no pics?

ROFLMAO!!!! im using windows ME and IE 6.0, you cant get any newer!!!!

Re: why no pics?

I hate windows ME and i heard IE 6.0 is pretty buggy, so i would get rid of two.

tom king

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Re: why no pics?

Rob Hoehn /

I'm using Win2000 and IE 5.5, they load fine.

Re: why no pics?

Chris Robertson /

Do you have JavaScript turned off? If it's turned off the picture site's navigation won't work. Is your security setting cranked all the way up (Tools | Internet Options | Security)? Try setting it to "medium" --that might help.

When you're dealing with Microsoft, it <i>never</i> pays to jump on the new-technology bandwagon. Microsoft saves money by letting the general public do their beta testing for free (in the software engineering industry, testing is one of the most expensive parts of software development). I recommend you go back to Internet Explorer 5.5 until Internet Explorer 6.0 is officially released (even then I recommend you wait until the first couple of revisions are out).

Good luck!


Re: why no pics?

the site is (if i remember correctly from conversations w/ simon) designed to work best w/ W3C approved HTML code. i don't think I.E. 6 does that, since it uses many of its own standards. I.E. 5x works fine. i agree, don't use MS ME, it's rather unstable and does some crazy things. my brother uninstalled ME after only a few days.

Re: why no pics?

Reeperette /

>>Microsoft saves money by letting the general public do their beta testing for free<<

Yeah, free for THEM, while charging money on the tech support calls YOU hafta make.


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