Swarm and Destroy... ME!

X Brandon Edge X /

I just got back from a ride with Tom and Cory, and I rode home in the dark. It's about the time of the year that JUNEBUGS come out... and in huge masses. In years past they've eaten the foliage off of our trees BARE! They get that thick! I had to watch the road ahead of me and duck and dodge all these little bastards. They have a thick hard exoskeleton and they seem to like it in my hair. When I got home I found one in my garage. I stomped on it repeatedly and said "This one's for my face... this one's for my shirt... this one's for making me ride slow... this one's just because!" I mean, those little devils sting at 30+. It's like getting hit with dozens of rocks that stick to you. Icky. That's the best word to describe it, Icky.

Of course, I was lauging the whole time. It was pretty damn funny.

Swarm and Destroy (Mopedders and junebugs alike)

X Brandon Edge X

Re: Swarm and Destroy... ME!

man, you got swarmed! ;-) but moped army always fights back ... we're never so low that we can amongst us kill a fly (or a junebug in this case).

Re: Swarm and Destroy... ME!

Chris Robertson /

I hope you didn't open your mouth while you were laughing.

We get June bugs for a week or two here (Ottawa, Onatario, Canada), but nearly as bad as you describe!

Re: Swarm and Destroy... ME!

Reeperette /

:::just friggin DIES laffin:::

Been there, done that...

A june bug in the face at 30mph+ stings....but nailing a swarm of em can knock you right off if you ain't ready for it (i.e. - not payin attention.)

Kinda like being hit by a salt thrower, when ya think about it ?


Re: Swarm and Destroy... ME!

Hi! I've got to tell you folks about a sneak attack a june bug pulled on me the other night while coming in from a 30 mi. moped ride.That bug had to have come all the way up my pants-leg and bit me,yes they can bite when pressed, on the inner thigh. I struggled to keep control of the bike and pulled over and squeezed him to an early grave.It hurt so bad I thought it must be a big hairy spider,but when I got to the house I dropped the pants and there was what I heretofore had thought to be the lovable little `pop you in the face' june bug! Next morning I had a big bruise right there and I don't think I pinched myself that much.I'm taping my pantslegs down next trip! BYE!

Re: Swarm and Destroy... ME!

June bugs??? It's only May! You silly yanks got everything all screwed up...lol. The worse i've gotten so far is a pebble thrown up by a car in front of me...right between the eyes... I love to keep my face shield up, but it's hard to find a comfy pair of sunglasses to fit with a helmet...oh well, i'll live with it.


Re: Swarm and Destroy... ME!

Yeah, bugs can really hurt ya. In Florida we have these critters called Love Bugs. They will be "in season" very soon. As the name implies, these horny little six-leggers get themselves hooked up rear-end to rear-end and then proceed to fly around lazily whilst screwing their little brains out. They also seem to like flying in large groups (presumably because it's hard to talk to their partner, due to their facing away from each other). A slight breeze can bring a zillion of 'em right in front of you before you can blink. Next thing ya know, your face shield, headlight fairing, and clothes are thick with Love Bugs. Some are dead, the rest are just trying to finish, I think. I would certainly try to finish!

To add to their charm, their mashed carcasses can really screw up your paint job if you don't scrub 'em off quickly. Nice.

Another strong case for keeping your shield down in Florida. Take care, everyone.

Re: Swarm and Destroy... ME!

I recently took a moped trip where a bee flew into my shirt and bit?/stung me repeatedly in the back. It felt like someone had thrown a lit cigarette butt on my back. I tried to ignore it at first but then when the feeling persisted I decided I

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