Magnum swingarm on Maxi - opinions

I know, I know, it's been discussed. I've searched and read all the threads. I'm just wondering if it's worth the trouble for my new maxi build.

Basically, is there any other practical benefit other than being able to run wider tires?

Does it add significant stability or strength? (I'm 6'5", 215lbs)

Do most people run 320mm shocks or longer?

Is there a noticeable drop in height with 300mm shocks?

My magnum swingarm is currently mounted on another bike, so I would have to remove it (drop engine, etc.).

It's a different color, so I would want to paint it.

I would have to cut my fender.

Worth the trouble? Or is wider tires really the only benefit?

Re: Magnum swingarm on Maxi - opinions

Yup, all that. I would want one at 215lbs. Check out my maxi build...

Re: Magnum swingarm on Maxi - opinions

Nice bike, that's actually one that I saw while searching. So you think the 300mm are less than ideal?

Re: Magnum swingarm on Maxi - opinions

i put some on one of my maxi creations the swampthing and they look rad, but i noticed the chain sits a bit closer to the guard on the pedal shaft than before , if you use the inbetween size or the maxi shocks it should work out.

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