Engine Lifespan?

Quick question for the board... I am in the process of restoring a moped of my childhood that was in storage for 15 years (Columbia Imperial - (sachs 505 engine). The moped engine has around 5 to 6k on it and once again running. My question is this, what is a ballpark lifespan of these engines before rebuild? Will running synthetic 2stroke oil greatly improve the life?

Any thoughts are welcome and appreciated!



Re: Engine Lifespan?

well im not sure about that particluar engine but i would guess that if taken care of properly, a moped can last about 5000-10,000 before a rebuild, i dont think a synthentic oil would make a huge difference but it cant hurt.

Re: Engine Lifespan?

Chris Robertson /

Two cycle engines never die. They just wear out. Rings and pistons and gaskets will get old and need to be replaced from time to time, but the engines themselves are very reliable.

Between rebuilds, you're probably looking at 10000km (6000 miles) or so. I'll qualify that and say that I'm guessing here.

I believe that synthetic oil is marginally better, but not even close to being enough to justify the cost --it's a waste of money. Moped engines really don't need that kind of protection/lubrication/thermal stability. However, this is a topic that often starts big wars. You'll get half the people out there saying you're a fool for not using it, and the other half will say you're a fool for paying for it. Same goes with the high/low octane gasoline argument. But it's fun to watch.

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Re: Engine Lifespan?

Reeperette /


Mine's sittin at 20,500 someodd miles, and still runs like the day it was built, save that the exhaust is rather clogged up with carbon, which it won't be soon as I get mah hands on a torch.

(That would be a 95 Targa, mind)


Re: Engine Lifespan?

I have been using synthetic for awhile now, I pay around $7 a quart, I have used both oils, and a retired auto mechanic now with a moped hobbie. I can say with experence the synthetic is worth the little extra, NO plug fowling,NO ash which is a carbon build up, bikes have a free`er(less drag) feel to the motor and run cooler. I don`t sell the stuff, but after using over a period and do a teardown for regular maintaince, it sold me! How long before a rebuild, is yet to be seen. Doug D.

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