another new build

let me know what you think. Thinking an urban engine would be nice on it.


Re: another new build

another pic.


Re: another new build

I definitely like the concept of it, but IMO, no pedals, no fun.

Re: another new build

Strap a pinto thank on that shit!!!! Variated pinto would be sick!

Re: another new build

Glad you like the concept, here's a pic of my last build just for you since you like pedals. :)


Re: another new build

Ohh, good idea, I've been trying to come up with something for a fuel tank. Now to get one.

Re: another new build

xxXxXX XxxxxxXX /

i'd even recommend a hobbit tank to drop below the tube frame, topped off with drag bars. nice potential, love the low seat!

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