I want to raise my suspention, so it doesnt bottom out so easily or so I can raise it up higher, if possible. If it helps (Which it probly will) I have an 88' Yamaha Razz. And also, about these Clutches, and or Clutch Springs how do I get to it, or find it?

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Please Help

Re: Suspention

X Brandon Edge X /

For the suspension (the back, anyway) you could try bolting up some slightly longer motorcycle shocks. As for the clutch info, I don't know much about transmissions. I've also never seen a yamaha Razz before. I don't know why you don't seem to get any help from anyone. Although I do know that SPECIFIC questions help when dealing with the Gurus.

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Ron Brown /

Sorry you are being ignored but Heath sounds right.


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Thanks Guys

Re: Suspention

If you guys want to know what I finally came up with... I took suspention off a Yamaha Jog, which was slightly longer, but I cut off the ring at the top to bolt it on & Welded a nut bot which added about 3 more inches, that doesnt help the suspention on botteming out, but It really makes it looks sportier. I will take a pic & Let you guys check it out somtime. thanks


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