Re: metal shaving in my eye!!!

i miss fire work battles ...

Re: metal shaving in my eye!!!

I generally don't give a fuck about getting hurt. I'll grind and strip paint without gloves, I'll weld in a wife beater.

But I got sprayed almost directly into the eye with carburetor cleaner, and I was a changed fuckin' man when it came to my eyes. I also got poked in the eye with a cardboard box once, and this only compounded the problem. I had just finished my last bike (as in, built it for a month and this was the first time I would ride it) and I was going to take it to a car show a couple miles away as a mini debut thingy. Went to clean the carb before I left, bumped the nozzle, and sprayed myself in the eye.

Spent a week unable to lift my head above level because it hurt too much. I had an eye patch for almost two weeks. To this day, occasionally I wake up in the morning and it kinda "sticks" when I open my eye. I spend the rest of the day looking like I've had an aneurysm.

Don't fuck with your eyes. Take it REAL easy until you're damn sure everything is A-ok.

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