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I live in Louisville ky and need help in getting my 1973-6,vespa ciao running.It will start and run with the throttle wide open but only runs just above idle.Then it dies.Is there anyone in the Louisville area that know these engines.I am assuming 50:1 on fuel oil mix.compression is low it is 50 lb. Please contact me if you can help or have a suggestion. >THANKS

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Jimbo Grand Daddy /

Rings and gaskets. Compression should be way higher.

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Must be a n00b.

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Jax ; I am new to Vespa. What I am getting at is parts and knowledge & idiosyncrasy's of the Ciao.The bike is not worth putting a lot of $ into.If you know of anyone in the Louisville area please let me know. Thanks RJS

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crank seal

somebody buy this from the guy

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Tony montana /

tear it down. vespa engines are super simple to rebuild. the best way is doing it yourself. and the satisfaction you get, and knowledge you gain is priceless. mopeds aren't for lazy people. if you have a little will power and tools, go for it. only special tool you need is the flywheel puller and alot of people just use a b.f.h. (rubber of course) use the oven and freezer trick and do all the free mods while its apart. i think a complete seal/gasket rebuild set is only $40. and there a great wiki tutorial on it.

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Hey Jax, SHUT THE FUCK UP. Its kina hard to get into something new with out being a noob, fucking dumb ass.

Any how, your compression is to low, should be around 110-140. Most likely a worn out or stuck ring, but could be a loose head or jammed/dirty decompression valve. All relatively easy fixes, you just gota get in there and have a look around. The Bandits will be happy to lend the occasionally hand, so long as your not a dick. If you want to talk it over with some real moped folk we will be at the monkey wrench tonight 7:30 ish - 9:30 ish.

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