1977 cimatti city bike

matthew stuckman /

hi i have a 1977 cimatti city bike that i just picked up at a tag sale for 25.00 the bike starts if i push it but dies when i let go of the clutch will do the same thing if i put on kick stand and pedal but won't stay running i have cleaned the carb, changed the plug, drained the old gas and put in fresh gas, think the trottle cable may be worn out does anyone know where i can get one, is there an adjustment for the clutch, does anyone know where to get a manual any help would be appreciated thank you Matt

Re: 1977 cimatti city bike

Mixed gas, right...

There's a switch under the headlight... flick it.

Are your lights working when it starts?

Re: 1977 cimatti city bike

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

that lever is just a starter clutch and not very strong..do not yank it too hard or use it if you get it running.

There is no way in hell to diagnose the problem just by what you describe. Best we can do is tell you to check the big 3.

1: Compression. Remove the spark plug and stick your finger over the hole. Crank the engine and see if you feel lots of compression

2: Spark Plug in the spark plug wire and lay the plug across the metal part of the motor. Crank it over and see if you have brilliant blue spark

3: Fuel Disconnect the fuel line from the carb, turn on the petcock and see if it runs free. Then check the carb bowl for dirt, and especiallly check the jet to see if it is clear. Put everything together and crank it. Check the plug for signs of wetness.

If you get all 3, it should be running. One of the 3 is not up to specs.

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